The dc collection


Sweet caramel, honey and peanut/hazelnut. Brazil RFA certified Pulp natural yellow Bourbon and Peaberry from Fazenda Sao Bernardo And Sitio Pinheirinho


Deep dry cocoa and rich toffee with a slight orange/mandarin zest finish. Monsoon Malabar AA, Guatemala San Antonio: Catuai/Caturra and Nicaragua Luis Bellatez: Bourbon


Cacao, brown sugar and nectarine. Colombian Anei (FTO), Guatemala San Antonio, Brazil Sitio Pinheirinho

All City

Strong, Rich Body with Toffee, Honey and Vanilla Notes. Fairtrade Certified Colombian Anei and Sumatra Ratu Ketiara Gayo 

The Duke

Strong dark chocolate and ripe cherry flavors with and a deep syrupy sweet finish


Heavy syrupy body with notes of vanilla, almond, and dark chocolate. sweet toffee apple finish