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We love to create great coffee experiences, as we’re sure you do to. Great coffee experiences are not limited to the hippest cafe with the latest extraction method being executed by a single origin samurai. We bring our coffee to culture, we bring culture to our coffee. It’s where we share and find inspiration that is influenced by people and culture not the specialty coffee scene. Contact us for a chat on what we can do for your cafe: 1300 Ducale / 1300 382 253 or orders@ducale.com.au

Our Process: Our process is built around a complete understanding of every element from cultivation through to extraction and if we don’t understand it we will pull it apart until we do. Its not rocket science we just give coffee an enormous amount of respect so you will be duly rewarded.


The key areas are:

  • Research and Development: this is where we cup, cup, cup and cup once more for good measure. Also green beans are sourced, roast profiles are engineered, blends are conceived and brewing methods perfected. Essentially we have more stats on our coffee than footy team has on its players.
  • Production: the nerve centre of Ducale, its where all of the hard work in R&D comes to fruition. The process is quite streamlined from green bean loading, roasting, packaging and then delivering the product to your hopper so you can extract some pretty awesome coffee.
  • Service and Maintenance: keeping your machine running in tiptop condition is a priority for us, if it’s failing you than it killing our coffee it’s as simple as that.
  • Account management: we want you to do better and we are here to help. If you need barista training in house or at our house, keeping you up to date with new single origins and industry news or just giving you a shoulder to cry on.