REALE bag Featured Artist

The next instalment of artist series bags is Sydney artist Sindy Sin. We let him loose on our Reale bag and man wow what a killer design. sin

Sindy Sinn

My artwork style comes from a lifelong obsession with cartoons, crap-jokes and storytelling. As a kid, I frothed over the artwork in Mad Magazines and old Nickelodeon cartoons like Ren & Stimpy … and as an adult, not much has changed, except I don’t have a bedtime anymore. I’ve worked incredibly hard and feel incredibly privileged to have turned illustration into such a fun and rewarding career.

I find inspiration all over the place, from watching old movies to wondering what’s in someone’s lunchbox. Inspiration isn’t very hard to find if you open your eyes and look for it. Which I think the internet has been great for, these days you can scroll through thousands of killer artists and artworks while sipping your morning coffee. But I reckon Robert Crumb, Coop and Karl Kaufmann are my biggest influences right now.

Besides drawing and illustrating … I’m a drummer, currently playing in a super-fun groovy blues band called The Persian Drugs. It’s the ultimate excuse to get out of the house and sweat it out with your mates over a few beers. I’ve been playing in bands for about ten years now, so my calluses have never really had a chance to heal.

I also have a love of beers, burritos and boobs… basically just anything that starts with a B.

My design for Ducale’s ‘Reale’ blend, came about fairly naturally. I liked the idea of ‘keeping it reale’ and giving it some underdog fighting-spirit. So I just treated the Reale design like it was a gang. I started by rewatching the 1979 movie, The Warriors, and combining it’s funky style with my own and my weird infatuation with denim.

I’ve usually got a pretty steady playlist of Black Sabbath and Rolling Stones cranked while working. But lately, I’ve been listening to lots of Seasick Steve, Left Lane Cruiser and The Heavy. I’m generally not too picky… anything with some guts and a decent stomp will get my attention.

I always have a pretty fully plate and I’m very fortunate to be involved in lots of exciting projects. At the moment I’m doing a tonne of burger illustrations and branding for Mary’s Newtown, some beer labels and my usual stream of rock n roll gig posters. I welcome any bands or brands that want to do something weird and crazy to get in touch … let’s make f**king cool art together.

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