B Side Bird

 Cup Profile

Fragrance: Brown sugar, apple, pepper

Acidity: Low

Body: Creamy and silky

Flavour: Cacao, raw sugar, nectarine

Preferred Preparation Instructions

Temp: 94C

Dose: 18g VST = 18-19g of coffee

Time: 32 seconds

Volume: 26 -28ml with crema



Panama Mamacarta

Guatemala San Antonio

Brazil Sitio Pinheirinho


B-side tracks are always the unknown gems in on an artist’s album record. They are those certain songs separate from the main album that live a life of their own; perhaps a remix of a classic, a live performance, an instrumental or even a spoken word. Whatever it is, the B-side always showcases raw artistic creativity without constraints and reveals something more about the artist. Paying homage to this, dc’s B-Side delivers a unique blend created by our roasters for themselves…


Our new dc blend is named “B-side” not only to signify the alternative ‘track’ to 100% Arabica coffee, but also in connection to our social initiative “dc Tunes”, which started in 2012 and is all about celebrating music and supporting new talent by giving local independent and unsigned musicians opportunities to perform at live music venues. Part of the profits from B-side go into paying for bands to feature in the dc Tunes gig-list.